The Butcher's Ball was founded in 2016 by three friends whose different interests and backgrounds are intersected by their passion to support and champion their local culinary industry. Fundraiser and event producer Elaine Dillard, publicist Jonathan Beitler, and chef Jason Kerr wanted to create an opportunity for the public to not only engage with and celebrate chefs, but to also learn from and understand more about the small, independent farms and ranches throughout Texas that are leading the way in unique and innovative sustainability practices. The trio has grown The Butcher's Ball from a small gathering of 15 chefs and a handful of ranches to one of Texas' most anticipated annual events, attracting over 2,000 attendees in 2019 and showcasing nearly 100 culinary leaders.

In 2021, The Butcher's Ball has expanded beyond it's signature weekend-long event to produce a series of Farm to Table culinary experiences, and an array of additional immersive events on the horizon.


The Butcher's Ball Team

It takes a lot to produce events like The Butcher's Ball, and we couldn't do it without our incredible and dedicated team


Jonathan Beitler, co-Founder
Elaine Dillard, co-Founder

Jason Kerr, co-Founder

​Mauricio Barreto
Dallas Batterson
Lindsey Alves Fuquen
Treasure Hance
Alba Huerta
Becca Reyenga Kerr
Catherine Manterola
Cat Nguyen

Dana Pike
Linda Salinas